Virtual Reunion Survey

A few weeks ago I sent a message stating there would be no reunion this spring. I heard back from several folks who wondered whether a virtual (Zoom-like) reunion would be possible and/or make sense. To find out what your thinking is, I created this survey. It's kind of rudimentary, and may lead to additional surveys as ideas get refined - or, if there isn't sufficient interest, it might not go anywhere. But I figure this is a first step toward deciding whether to have a virtual reunion. If you have ideas that don't fit into this format, please feel free to send them to me directly ( or to share them with everyone.


Dave Peterson ('73)

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1)   Under ideal circumstances, would you attend a Virtual Reunion?

Yes No
"Ideal circumstances" include such things as the time of day, the day of the week, the length of the Reunion, the platform hosting it, and so on.
2)   Under ideal circumstances, and assuming you would attend, when do you think the Reunion should be held?

  By the end of Spring Semester
  During Summer Session
  During Fall Semester
  During a school break
  No preference
3)   What circumstances might prevent you from attending a Virtual Reunion?

  Time of Day
  Day of Week
  Length of the Reunion
  Reunion platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
  The program
4)   Assuming you attend, what would you like the Reunion's purpose(s) to be?

  Status Update - Honor Guard
  Status Update - Det 720
  Watch videos of past performances
  Remember / commemorate members who have passed away
5)   If you have access to a platform (like Zoom or Microsoft Teams) where you can host more than three people for more than 40 minutes (those are Zoom's limits for the free version), would you be willing to "host" the Reunion?

Yes No
6)   Would you be willing to emcee part of the Reunion?

Yes No
7)   Would you be willing to help plan the Reunion?

Yes No
"Planning" the Reunion is most likely going to consist of smaller Zoom sessions prior to the main Reunion session to iron out decisions like when and how long it will be, what platform it will be on, what will be done in what order, and so on. There may also be a need to coordinate other steps, like contacting the current Det 720 PAS and/or Honor Guard commander, collecting videos to present, and so on.
8)   What haven't I thought of that you would like to add? Any and all ideas are welcome.